Saltwater Pools

'Saltwater' pools use salt to create chlorine which sanitizes the water. Interestingly though, some people report fewer allergic reactions to saltwater pools than to "normal" chlorine pools. There are also reports of no eye stinging or chlorine smells as occurs in "normal" chlorine pools.

I haven't found anything explaining why the saltwater process creates a less noxious environment than the more common chlorination methods, but some people claim there is a difference. An anonymous reader posted a comment that saltwater pools shouldn't be listed in this directory, but since some people believe they are better than conventional chlorine pools, I think saltwater pools are still worth mentioning here as an alternative; however, a note has been added to each entry that they are not chlorine-free.

It's also worth pointing out that UV and ozone treated pools are often not chlorine-free as well, though they generally have much lower chlorine levels than your average chlorinated pool.

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